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Clinical Respiratory Services is the provision of health care services by Respiratory Care Practitioners or other health care professionals to individuals in their homes or residences. These services are also associated with the provision of home oxygen medical equipment.

Clinical Respiratory Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Performing clinical assessments (blood pressure, heart rate, breath sounds);
  • Clinical testing of oxygen saturation levels by oximetry;
  • Provision of clinical patient/caregiver education in addition to education in the use of medical equipment. Clinical education is defined as the provision of information regarding disease process, lung function and physiology, pharmacology and medication use, etc.;
  • Ongoing monitoring of the patient’s clinical progress and/or response to oxygen therapy; and,
  • Written and/or verbal progress reports and follow-ups with the patient’s primary care physician after each assessment.

Clinical respiratory assessments are performed by licensed medical professionals.