Proudly supporting United States Military Veterans

Joseph Henson purchased Eagle Home Medical Corp and joined the Eagle Home Medical Corp. staff in 2007. Mr. Henson is a graduate of Mississippi State University in Aeronautical Engineering. Prior to attending college, Mr. Henson served in the Mississippi National Guard and was activated to the United States Armed Forces from January 1950 to May 1952. Mr. Henson worked for 36 years as an Aeronautical Engineer in missile and aircraft testing at AEDC, a contractor for the Air Force. As President of Eagle, Mr. Henson directly oversees the day to day operations of Eagle as well as being responsible for setting up and running the VA contract operations.

"Being involved with the Veteran’s gives me the opportunity to give something back to the men and women I served with. Our Veterans are what makes this country what it is today and we owe all our freedom and liberty to these brave Vets."